"An elegantly accessible diva of great charm and captivating sweetness....[Deborah Stone] imbues the lyric with its own authority. She makes each word count." — Marilyn Lester, Nite Life Exchange

"Coiffed, bejeweled, and begowned, Deborah Stone evokes the cabaret goddesses of the past... The evening was devoted to sirens, through fatal females that go after what they want and get it. The vixens of Broadway were all present, from Lola to Elvira to Carmen to Venus to Norma Desmond. Through subtle shifts in voice and body language, Stone embodies each of these eternal women with just the right degree of maturity and attitude." — Bart Greenberg, Cabaret Scenes

"Deborah Stone’s Still Exactly Where I Belong was a gem of charm, intimacy, and meticulous musical preparation combined with a personal, heartfelt relationship to the songs." — Michael Miller, New York Arts

"If I had to describe her in one word, it would be 'chanteuse'.... Her experience on stage comes through in her ability to make every word of a lyric meaningful...She looks sophisticated and elegant. Her diction and elocution are superb. Her voice is a very sweet soprano that rises to the occasion." — Ron Forman, Cabaret Scenes Magazine

"She has an air of dignity and reserve, softened by a friendly sweetness, that suggests the sensibility of an era gentler than our own. In short, she displays grace." — Mark Woods, Bistro Awards