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Photo: Helane Blumfield

With a velvety voice reminiscent of Rosemary Clooney, (with hints of Nancy Lamott) Stone’s musical phrasing is impressive and rare.

“Chiarascuro” played with the light and dark qualities of life that we’ve all experienced in the last few years. How fitting that her voice, with its own “light and dark qualities” was able to illustrate this message for us aurally, as well as she did visually.

Cabaret Hotspot (July 2022)

Armed with what can only be described as a genuinely pretty voice, an intellectual intelligence, and an affable air, this singing actress dives deep into each composition

-- Stephen Mosher

Broadway World (July 2022)

With her sleek black gown, her subtle but theatrical jewelry, and her insolent humor, Stone seems to be a natural successor to Julie Wilson.

she torched the blues with such subtle power that one might expect the room to catch on fire from her icy underplaying.

Stone’s very surprising “The Ladies Who Lunch” overflowed with brilliant choices that took it far away from the Elaine Stritch/Patti LuPone mode..

a gentle and touching version of “Something Good.” The song’s title was, in effect, a major undervaluation of a show that was truly something wonderful.

-- Bart Greenberg

Cabaret Scenes (June 2022)

Her Understatement Is Overwhelming…

a lady who….has been placed at the pinnacle, as a singer's singer.

Stone's oh-so-subtle delivery, an impressive range with lovely high notes, and vibrating low notes embellished only with the feelings coming from the words, proved she has the goods in all departments as a singing actress... or an acting singer.

…stands out, in terms of expert tonality, vocal placement, and control. Stone's subtleness and her ability to float high notes into an almost whispering volume that still filled the room was reminiscent of the late, great Nancy LaMott, but with a difference... Stone's sharper, edgier sound made this writer incline toward her and the front part of our seat

In all, Deborah Stone illuminates everyone in her CHIAROSCURO and demonstrates that she is a master of the craft of performing for an audience by filling a room with her sound and emotions, without ever OVER filling or underdelivering

-- Bobby Patrick

Broadway World (June 2022)

Ms. Stone's new show HERE I AM! is a little slice of heaven dropped right in the laps of her listeners…

….The only real disbelief, though, should come on the day that Deborah Stone plays to a room that is anything but full, such is the magnitude of her gifts as a nightclub performer...

...she is a dichotomy, a contradiction, a multi-faceted, fascinating woman with life experience and many detours in the road that has led her to this time in her life; and her audience is the lucky beneficiary of the stories that go along with that journey.

Here I Am! is a triumph, not just for Deborah Stone as a performer but for the people who listen to the story and who hear it.

-- Stephen Mosher

Broadway World (Nov 2019)

Full Review

Six Questions with Deborah Stone


-- Night Life Exchange


More often than not, the "this is me" format of cabaret doesn't work. It does, however, work extremely well when the performer is actually someone who is interesting and engaging enough. Deborah Stone's Here I Am! was one of those moments when it all clicks!

She's charming and tells her sordid show business tale with insightful patter, or shall I say dialogue, while comfortably, with a dancers ease, navigates the stage. Vocally spot-on, "Life Upon the Wicked Stage," followed shortly thereafter by a "La Cage aux Folles" medley, made this night one of the best of the year.

Teamed with Musical Director John Cook and Director Lina Koutrakos, the show was solid in its construction, personal and touching. There are real moments of vulnerability that make it universal and Deborah is someone you'll be glad to know and her show is one you'll want to see!

-- Scott Barbarino

Night Life Exchange

review of 'Pangea'

What does a triple threat do when her professional dancing days are over?  In Deborah Stone’s case, she creates a love-letter of a show to the dancer that she was, highlighting her graceful acting skills and her resonant, clarinet-like mix.

Supported by the creative John M, Cook at the piano, and director Lina Koutrakos, Stone, a skilled performer with chops to burn, built an always-enjoyable show of thematically-related high-quality songs presented with elegance and variety…….The show was well constructed….

I was breathlessly engaged, wondering what strategy the pair would employ next

-- Jennie Litt

Cabaret Hotspot

elegantly accessible diva of great charm and captivating sweetness...

-- Marilyn Lester

Nite Life Exchange

[Deborah Stone] imbues the lyric with its own authority. She makes each word count.

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